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Sunday, April 07, 2013

MTN Internet Bundles for PC Users

Share MTN offers a number of Internet packages to meet the various categories of their subscribers. Whether you are an occasional, regular or heavy user, MTN has a data plan that suits your lifestyle.  

Once you have identified the prepaid bundle plan that best suits you, simply text the migration code for the plan to 131 or select your preferred bundle from the MTN USB Fastlink user interface and you will be switched immediately to the bundle plan of your choice and the corresponding activation fee deducted from your account.

You will also receive SMS on your phone or laptop confirming successful bundle activation. Today MTN is one of the giants leading the way, deploying one of the fastest EDGE Internet networks in Nigeria as well as a high-speed 3G/3.5G HSDPA Internet networks.

MTN Internet Bundles, Prices and Access Codes
  • MTN Daily Internet Bundle, 225MB (24hours): Text 103 to 131. This service costs N500 for the day
  • MTN Monthly Internet Plan, 750MB (24/7, 30 days): Text 110 to 131. Service fee is N2,000
  • MTN Monthly Night Internet Bundle, 4.5GB, (9pm - 6pm, 30 days): Text 102 to 131. You will be charged N2,500 for the 30-day period
  • MTN Monthly Weekend Internet Bundle, 4.5GB (9am Fri - 9am Mon, 30 days): Text 108 to 131. This costs N3000 for the 30-day period
  • MTN Monthly Internet Plan, 1.5GB (24/7, 30 days): Text 111 to 131. Service fee is N3,500
  • MTN Monthly Daytime Internet Bundle, 4.5GB (9am - 9pm, 30 days): Text 107 to 131. A fee of N6,000 is chargeable
  • MTN Monthly Internet Bundle, 7.5GB (24/7, 30 days): Text 101 to 131. A fee of N8,000 is deductible
  • Bundle Balance Check: Text 2 to 131 (Free)
You can also dial *123# on your phone and follow the SMS prompts to activate any of the above internet package.

For time-based Internet packages, see MTN Simple Surf. Also, see MTN Internet Bundles for mobile phone users

Portals for Using up the Data Resource

There are three means by which you can use your data resource:

1. Phone (not recommended, see note 2)
2. Phone as a modem
3. MTN Fastlink

If you use MTN Fastlink USB modem, then you don't have to memorize the codes listed above as the user interface already has the option for each Internet package. All you have to do is to click the package which reflects your desire. If you use your phone or phone as modem, make sure to load MTN internet settings to your phone and then choose the relevant code above.


1 The default Internet plan on MTN is pay as you go. Once you load MTN 3G/3.5G/GPRS settings to your mobile phone you can browse with this Internet package. In addition, if you exceed your Internet browsing limit in any of the internet packages above, the system will automatically bill you on a pay per use basis. You are charged for the quantity of data used in kilobits (kb). Currently, MTN charges 5 kobo per kb for pay as you use, which is currently the industry standard in Nigeria.

2 These Internet packages are designed for subscribers who use their computers to access the Internet. However, they can also be used on a mobile phone, but considering the relatively large data resource involved, it is not advisable because phones consume less data depending on the page opened. It is very possible you will not consume the data before it expires. Therefore, it would be wise to restrict their use to PCs, especially those plans whose data resources are measured in GB.

3 Data rollover: Now you can rollover your unused internet data to the next month subscription. All you have to do is ensure that you auto-renew your data subscription before it expires and your unused data is automatically moved to the next month. 

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