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Friday, June 29, 2012

Data Transfer on Airtel: Megabyte [MB] Transfer

Share It is common to hear folks ask their friends and/or family members to send them airtime via transfer. What is not commonplace is the idea of transferring data resource from one line to another. However, with Airtel data transfer service, you can give a portion of your data resource to a friend by utilizing a simple USSD command.

How to transfer data (MB)

You have the options of transferring 10MB, 25MB and 60MB. A fee of N100 per transfer is applicable.

To transfer 10MB:
Dial *141*712*11*beneficiary Airtel number#. For example, you want to transfer 10MB to subscriber 0802 9999 000, dial *141*712*11*08029999000#.

To transfer 25MB:
Dial *141*712*9*beneficiary Airtel number#.

To transfer 60MB:
Dial *141*712*4*beneficiary Airtel number#. Share