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Monday, September 17, 2012

10 Disadvantages of GSM Mobile Phones

Share Mobile phones are a major communication tool, but they are some demerits they could present:

Health concerns: Mobile phones utilize electromagnetic radiation in the microwave range. There have been concerns if there is any link between mobile phone use and cancer. World Health Organisation (WHO) has classified mobile phone radiation as possibly cancer-inducing. More research needs to be conducted to get conclusive evidence as to whether there is any link between cancer and mobile phone use or not. 

Loss of productivity: The use of mobile phones, mobile Internet, mobile messengers such as WhatsApp, BlackBerry Messenger, 2go, etc. could reach a point of addiction, leading to a loss of productivity on the part of a worker who has tasks to accomplish, or a student who has classwork or a lecture to listen to.

Road crash: The use of a mobile phone while behind the wheel could lead to a road crash.

Privacy invasion: Mobile phones could lead to privacy issues. Mobile phones make it easier to invade privacy. Camera-fitted mobile phones are a major culprit.

GSM mobile phones promote immorality: Data-enabled mobile phones provide quick access to content that may be considered immoral. The number of mobile adult sites targeted at mobile phones runs into millions. Visiting an adult site is as simple as keying in the URL of the site and hitting "Go." These immoral sites have kept growing because of the popularity of GSM phones.

It also provides a quicker means of guys making advances to gals.

GSM mobile phones promote crime especially kidnapping, fraud and robbery: The sustained increase in robbery and kidnapping is not unconnected with phones. It makes information quickly available to criminals from their informants. You would agree with me that kidnapping in order to demand ransom would have been difficult if there were no mobile phones. No kidnapper would want to make calls to demand ransom using a fixed line.

In a similar manner, fraudsters have also negatively keyed into the opportunities offered by GSM. Network providers have kept warning subscribers to ignore any call/text informing them that they have won a prize [in a non-existent promo, or in a promo they probably didn't participate in], and that they should call a certain number to redeem the so-called prize. There have also been cases whereby unscrupulous persons cloned the numbers of important public officials, steal their identity and authorize payments and transfers.

GSM mobile phones unfriendly to some trade: The theoretical expectation is that mobile phones would enhance trade. However, this is not entirely true in reality. The use of mobile phones is particularly harmful to the transport and the hospitality industries. There are some transport companies that used to engage at least 10 big luxurious buses from point A to point B. But today, such companies have difficulty engaging even 3 buses for the same purpose on account of low turn out of travellers.

By implication, those firms such as restaurants, hotels, relaxation joints that are in the hospitality industry are also adversely affected, as low number of travellers would mean poor patronage and low check-ins. Businesses from whom these hospitality-industry firms source resources also suffer, and so forth.

Noise: Mobile phones could cause disturbance in such places as chapels, hospitals, churches, libraries, etc. where silence and concentration may be required.

Mobile phone callers and/or receivers could lie about their current location, unlike if it were a fixed line.

Mobile phone use could be addictive.

In conclusion, if you decide to go for a mobile phone, you should use it for what it is meant for - a medium of communication, and not use it to harass, disturb, spy, or get addicted to it.

10 Advantages of GSM Mobile Phones